Awakening in music – pitch and pulse

with Cândida Borges
first there was a sound… This workshop deepens your creativity and perception of sound and rhythm through an experimental and organic process. Noises, melodies, harmonies, shapes – all melt into movement. Pulse, impulse – and everything gathers into form. Musical forms, movement forms, rhythm and body. Time and text. A process of play, creation and discovery with sound and its relation to your voice and other voices (harmonies), to your body (rhythm) and other bodies (polyrhythms), to an idea/shape/form. Using references of creations with sound based on Viewpoints, on “circlesinging” and on the Brazilian method of rhythm O passo, this workshop will awaken your musical perception and connection.


  • This workshop is a research developed in residency with the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (2016, 2017/ USA) and at Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, School of Music and School of Drama, in partnership with Professor Denise Telles- Hoffstra (“At the same time” Project).




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