Brazilian artist, based in New York and Rio de Janeiro, CB is a musician, singer, actress  and producer for films, audio books, TV and comercial productions since 2009. Works also as voiceover, translator, coach bnarrator and director/monitor for voice and recording sessions. As a music producer, she sings, plays the piano, keyboards, arrange and compose. In special projects as audiobooks, prepares castings and final product.




Voice recordings are made in Portuguese, English and Spanish.


  • Portuguese – native; smooth accent from Rio de Janeiro (official BRZ accent)
  • Español – fluent; accent from Central América
  • English – fluent; non-american Brazilian accent

Translations/ Transcription (oral and written)

  • English – Portuguese (Brazilian)


  • Art, , Academic studies, Education and Personal Development fields

Recent works as a Translator/ Interpreter:

  • Metropolitan Museum – New York  – Narration of Portuguese guidance – Production: NY Audio Studios
  • Sports Illustrated Magazine (USA) –
  • Education books for Harvard University.
  • Hogarth Worldwide Inc. Music critics.
  • Day Translation, Inc – Interpretation at Business meetings.


  • professional home studio – (MIC AKG414, MIC Shure SM58 and 57, MIC MXL 890 Condenser, Preamp 101 Tube Behringer, Softwares Logic and Ableton Live; Phone Patch , Behringer XAir18, Zoom H4 e H6, Eyeball Vocal Booth)
  • professional partner studios in NYC;
  • professional partner studios in Rio de Janeiro;
  • local productions worldwide;



US 347 408 1220 and BR  55 21 3942 2425 – EST time.

skype candidaborges

Non-union works



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